Welcome! To K.I.L (Keeping It Legal) Productions – Custom Graffiti, Murals and More!

We are an experienced Melbourne Graffiti company available for commissioned graffiti. Servicing Melbourne metro and surrounding areas with prompt, professional and reliable service providing maximum visual impact for your home, business or blank wall space.

We believe that anyone can own a piece of Melbourne’s famous street art culture as almost any wall can be transformed into talking points with modern street art or marketing for your business brand and logos.


  • Commercial / Residential Art Installations
  • Business Brand Representations
  • Graffiti for Marketing
  • Marriage Proposal Artwork / Backdrops
  • Walls / Canvas / Displays / Graffiti Murals
  • Ready Made Items
  •  Live Art / Event Artist
  • School Tuition Service

KIL Productions Specialise in:

  • Traditional Fonts from Mild to Wild! Small / Large / Extreme!
  • Figures (characters) are generally based on cartoon or hip hop styled characters. (No Portraits or Photo Realism)
  • Specialising on Modern Aerosol Geometric works.
  • Contemporary Art Work
  • Automotive Realism
  • Large Format Portrait work


  • K.I.L. Productions is not associated or involved with illegal activity/s.
  • K.I.L has no affiliations or associations with names / tags “Kil”, “Kill”, “Killa”, “Beserk”, “Zerko”,
    “Berko” nor gang/s, crew/s past present or names similar.
  • Default tag used by K.I.L. Productions – BZERK – One.
  •  Bzerk is not used and / or presented in illegal activity/s.
  • Duplication of these tags /names is subject to copyright infringement.
  • All artworks by K.I.L Productions are original designs and subject to intellectual property copyrights.
  • All KIL Productions, artworks represent graffiti in a 100% legal and positive content and operate within all aspects of State and Federal Law.

ABN: 60520961339

Phone – 0438591128 – Ashley