Ashley’s artistic journey began in 1985 when the Hip Hop era had been discovered. With uplifting music and acrobatic dance, the culture’s influential wall expressions from the Style Wars film immediately interested this kid from Melbourne. This, and other Hip Hop themed movies guided the course of Ashley’s life as it shifted into the High School era. Add a mix of daily train travel, a wild school lifestyle; graffiti was the motivation and peer respect, as the somewhat unplanned subculture exploded in the mid 80’s. At the time, graffiti had a fragile identity, but the movement was strong and opened a path to self-expression.

Graffiti halted for Ashley in the mid 90’s as careers led him to Automotive trades including Management for local and global organisations. Never forgetting his roots, the graffiti culture was forever a part of him and with a creative urge was supressed for many years, a change was inevitable and with business tools in hand, the time had come to reinvent and to pursue a lifetime dream and get back into the art he loved.

In 2011 the K.I.L brand was born. An abbreviation of “Keeping It Legal” but also, a balance of traditional graffiti culture and slang, “To Kill It”.

“I want to be able to supply customised quality graffiti to business and private residences”, said Ashley. “The vision is to do what everyone said could never be done thirty years ago. Graffiti can be adapted and stylised to suit all applications and be something old that is new again”… “I feel my strengths are two fold both business and artistic creativity. With retail products, people want value and quality. My street art is self-taught, and although not following traditional pathways, but respecting the culture and its values at all times”.

K. I. L Productions values exceptional communication, understanding and listening to client’s needs and also allowing the creative control to be guided by the client. With affordable pricing and reliable process, the process is customer friendly and transparent.



“For me, it’s about doing what you love and sharing it with others, to make every piece better than the last, push yourself creatively, and be proud of everything I produce”.