How much will it cost?

External and internal wall costs are based on square meterage of the wall space and this will include all paint and materials used. Wall Art is calculated from $100.00 per mtr2. The overall artwork size including the level of detail will determine the cost. Canvas and special orders are priced on request.

What surfaces can I paint on?

It is important to have a good base for paint to adhere to. Most surfaces can be painted. Brick, render or plaster are the most common. For outdoors, construction with blue board is preferred as it is weatherproof.

What preparation is required?

Good preparation is essential to a good finish and durability

  • Surfaces need flat and secure and primed. It is the client’s responsibility to have the wall surface prepared prior to painting day and we will guide you through this. The base coat colour can also work with your design as a background platform. Base coats need to be completely dry and existing walls should be washed to remove grease and grime with Sugarsoap.
  • Rooms are requested to be clear of or covered so fabrics that can retain fumes and smell i.e.: curtains, carpets, bedding and clothes.
  • Internal wardrobes will need to be sealed with masking tape (by client) to prevent clothes smelling of paint.
  • Cover / clearing of any food products in close proximity etc.
  • Remove all pictures, pins, labels or stickers and clean off any sticky residue.
  • Ensure wall space has sufficient work space In front of it, at least 1m, no furniture etc. against the wall that will be painted. A suitable distance is required during the painting process to stand back and observe during production.

Do I need permission?

Rented premises will require permission from the owner or landlord. This will need to be submitted in written form and submitted to KIL with prior work authority. For business, some councils require public display permits. This is the clients responsibility to arrange also. In some locations, day permits are required and obtained by KIL to utilise public space I.e.: City footpaths. All permits costs are charged to the client.

What paint do you use?

KIL Productions uses acrylic aerosol artist paints. Montana (GOLD) is the preferred brand. Montana (GOLD) is a German paint and is of the highest quality possible. Montana Gold has superior UV qualities and is durable for almost any surface.

Will the paint smell?

On the day of painting a mural, a paint smell is present as expected. A well-ventilated area is recommended. KIL artists will use breathing respirators while painting. For internal walls, it is advised leave all windows open for 1-2 days after the painting is completed. No clear coating is required after completion.

What colours are available?

Montana Gold provides over 204 paint colours to suit your current décor and add vivid colour into any space. PDF charts are available upon request. Generally, KIL Productions will consult a recommended (proven) colour scheme to suit your needs however the client ultimately has control of the palette.

What does the paint finish look like?

All paints are a matt finish when dry.  The paint is dry to touch immediately. Layering of paint colours can be seen on flat surfaces but this is minimal. Internal walls are masked on edges to eliminate overspray on opposing walls and ceilings. All attempts are made to confine over spray for a clean, sharp and professional product.

What happens if I don’t like the artwork?

Based on the drafting process, you (the client), will have a full understanding of the finished product well before the painting begins. It is advised to view the work in progress at outline stage while it is being painted, this will help you to visualise the finished product on the surface in its drafted stage on the surface. Should the artwork be completed and you still dislike the product, reworking can occur on the day to fine tune the piece in areas of concern.

I can’t decide on what I want…

KIL Productions will guide you through the process and we will make all attempts to make your artwork purchase a seamless process. The portfolio tab has many projects to view samples and styles. KIL can create a font, theme or colour scheme to work into your space and customise it to suit your taste, needs and theme. You may also wish to supply web images as a sample guide to enable KIL to your complete your plan.

Do I get a warranty or guarantee?

Yes, KIL Productions offers a 12 month guarantee against fading. Artwork corrections are carried out on the day. When a mural is completed, clients are asked to check over the completed work for items of rectification. This is the best time to do ‘fixes’ Keep in mind that aerosol art is raw. As the murals are directly from a can and masking is not applied to line work, often slight imperfections are sighted. All attempts are made to ensure a sharp, neat and professional finish at all times. We will always go out of our way to ensure you are satisfied with the end product.